24/7 breakdown service for padel court lighting problems

Broken fixture? Power failure? Have your lights gone out? When you have defects, malfunctions and other emergencies, we come and solve them. During or outside office hours, or even in the middle of the night. You can always reach us.

Emergencies during working hours

Have you got a problem with your padel court lighting, has your power supply failed, or have you got a damaged fixture? Then get in touch to plan a repair.

When necessary we come to fix the issue within 2 working days. We can repair our own fixtures on site (in The Netherlands), often in under an hour. This is not always the case with fixtures from other suppliers. But we’ll always look for the best solution, for as long as it takes to get your lighting working again.

Not yet a customer? Not an issue. We’ll help you with malfunctions and defects all the same.

    Emergency repairs outside office hours

    Has your power suddenly gone down, just the day before your padel tournament was due to start? Have you discovered a defective fixture on a Saturday morning? Or have you got some other emergency that needs to be resolved quickly?

    Fill in the form below so that we have all the important details. Once you’ve filled in the form, you’ll get access to our emergency number.

    Take note: only call this number for emergency repairs that cannot wait until the next working day. For example, in the case of:

    • Unsafe situations
    • Power outages
    • Broken or (heavily) damaged fixtures
    • Other emergency situations requiring immediate intervention