Sustainable LED fixtures for padel courts

Let us light up your padel courts with our unique LED fixtures. What makes them so special? They are sustainable, energy efficient and easy to repair. We developed them by working with padel players, builders and fitters and light calculation experts. We wanted to draw upon their expertise to develop the perfect fixture. And we did it!

Our lighting makes a difference

We developed our fixtures with unprecedented precision and attention to quality. Every detail had to be perfect: from reliability and light intensity to ease of use and colour. We selected every part equally carefully and only use materials from the best A-brands. The result is a product series of fixtures that are an asset to any padel court.

Our padel court lighting is not only high quality – it is also a sustainable choice. LEDs are highly energy efficient and ensure a long lifespan, saving you energy and replacement costs. And we

choose to manufacture in Europe, where we can contribute to proper working conditions and limiting CO2 emissions.

The unique advantages of our fixtures

✔ Perfectly even lighting on every court

✔ Not blinding for players, spectators or local residents

✔ Easy to maintain and simple to repair on site

✔ More than meet the requirements of the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Bond (KNLTB)

✔ Only one fixture is required per lamp mast

✔ Made from aluminium: therefore does not rust and is water and UV resistant

✔ Made in Europe

✔ Surprisingly competitively priced

✔ Available throughout the EU

View our padel court lighting

We sell three types of fixtures: Classes 1, 2, and 3. Most customers choose Class 1 or 2 fixtures, sometimes combined with a Dali controller to make the lighting dimmable.

Class III

  • For training and leisure

The entry-level fixture. Reliable and affordable and made to the same quality and from the same sustainable materials as the Class 2 and Class 1 models. This fixture has a light intensity of 200 Lux, which is sufficient for padel training and leisure play. In practice, many customers choose Class 2 fixtures with dimmers because these provide greater flexibility.

Class II

  • For training and leisure
  • For matches at regional or national level

Our best-selling fixture, suitable for all indoor and outdoor courts. Popular with groundkeepers, players and spectators because of its even light distribution and pleasant, 300-Lux light intensity. Due to its asymmetrical lens and horizontal placement, these fixtures mean you can be sure to have a beautifully lit court wherever the light masts are positioned.

Class I

  • For elite sport and tournaments
  • For international level matches

The best fixture for padel courts wherever absolutely top quality is called for. Clear, even lighting which blinds neither players nor spectators. With a 500-Lux light intensity, every corner of the padel court is optimally lit and ready for top-level padel rallies. 700-Lux light intensity is available upon request. We can deliver this fixture with a Dali controller to make it dimmable. Just ask about the possibilities.