About Padelverlichting

Everything starts with one question: how can we do better? With that premise we have reinvented padel lighting. We made it smarter, more economical, more sustainable and more beautiful. It’s a step into the future. A future in which we use energy smartly, produce close to home and opt for the best performance and lifespan. We are already making that future possible for every padel court in the Netherlands and beyond. Curious about our company? Take a look behind the scenes:

Padelverlichting 2.0

We started developing our padel court lighting in 2020. And we didn’t want to be just a little step ahead of the competition, but a huge, great stride. We developed fixtures that turned our ambitions into reality with a dream team of experts in padel, light calculations, domotica and lighting technology. Energy efficient. Easy to repair. Perfectly even light. Hardly any environment nuisance. Superior performance.

And also, sustainable in every way. Our European manufacturing allows us to avoid the high CO2 emissions of transport from Asia, our LEDs are the best the market has to offer, and when it comes to repairs, we only replace the defective part – which we always have in stock. By the way, we only carry out these repairs on site because that reduces transport costs and emissions.

The Padelverlichting team

Our team of 3 specialists, 1 administrative employee and 4 supporting technicians is very productive. We’d like to introduce ourselves.

Marco van Vaneveld, founder

Has worked in maintenance and the assembly and disassembly of public lighting since 2010; a technical all-rounder in this field. What bugs him the most? Fixtures that can’t be repaired, but only replaced. Everything but sustainable. By the way, Marco is a domotica expert too. And let’s not forget – a born entrepreneur also. When he saw the quality of the lighting at a padel court, he decided that it just had to be improved. He concentrated all his expertise into a single idea: Padelverlichting.nl.

Marco is responsible for the fixtures. He seeks out innovations, monitors quality, and is the contact point for malfunctions and problems.

Wesley Sprik, co-owner

Relentlessly positive, a real organisational hero with 20 years of experience as a business owner and project leader. Those qualities mean you to get a lot done. Marco had the idea and the technical expertise, Wesley had the knowledge and keen insight into entrepreneurship and manufacturing. His ‘just get it done’ attitude means he finds solutions for every problem. He does what it takes to bring about real change in padel courts across the world.

Wesley is responsible for planning and prep work.

Luciano Asuni, technician

A technician and economist all in one, that’s Luciano. He’s been an expert in the field of electrotechnical sustainability for years. This specialisation made him a perfect match for Padelverlichting.nl. Luciano can translate customer wishes into a suitable technical and financial proposal like no one else. He sees opportunities for sustainability in places where others wouldn’t even begin to think of them.

Luciano takes care of all electrical installations.

Manon Snoeks, administration

Manon emails, calls, arranges and organises things and schedules. At the office she ensures that we are never double-booked, that everything is delivered on time, and that we go to the right customer with the right things. She is the first point of contact for our customers.

Working with enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a particular characteristic of our team. We enjoy our work and are happy when we make a real difference with our fixtures and services. Every customer can count on personal care and well thought-through advice. Our focus doesn’t lie in making sales but on providing the very best service. That makes us happy – and our customers too.

How can we help you?

Our team is ready for you. We would be happy to provide you with advice and support with:

  • The choice and purchase of new fixtures
  • A personalised lighting plan for your padel court
  • Repairs and solutions for malfunctions
  • Electrotechnical installation at and around the padel court
  • Excavation work
  • Installation of solar panels, security systems, WiFi points, and more.
  • Domotica integration (smart lighting)
  • Urgent repairs and other emergencies
  • Glass and fixture cleaning