Repairs and installation

Padel court lighting repairs and installation

We have all the necessary expertise in house for installing and repairing our fixtures We come to your premises with professional materials for the laying and electrical provision of padel court lighting. Good to know: we earth padel cages in accordance with NEN 1010 and NEN 3140 regulations  so that your padel court will meet the requirements of future KIWA inspections from the outset.

Installation of fixtures at padel courts

We place and install our fixtures from A to Z ourselves. We always adhere to NEN 1010 norms, so that you’ll be all set for any future KIWA inspections. We have all the machines and equipment necessary for a hassle-free installation process. We can do everything for you: excavation work, cable pulling, connecting to the main building, and even installing a street cabinet for the electricity supply. Professionally, carefully and without causing damage to your court or its surroundings. 

Would you prefer to have someone else carry out the installation? You can do that too, of course. Experience tells us that getting us to do the installation is usually the cheapest option. Furthermore, that way we warranty the complete installation and we can easily help you if you want to make changes or extensions in the future.

Malfunctions and repairs to our fixtures

Is there a malfunction or problem with one of our fixtures? Then we’ll help you as soon as possible. We keep all spare parts in stock which means that we aim to carry out all repairs within 2 working days. Furthermore, all our fixtures are designed to be repair-friendly: we can carry out repairs directly on site, while other parties often have to take the fixture down, repair it elsewhere and then reinstall it.  

We are ready day and night (in The Netherlands) to advise on malfunctions and perform emergency repairs. Read more information here about our repair service.

Repairs to other brands and older models

We have consciously chosen sustainable manufacturing. This means among other things that all our fixtures stay in production for at least 15 years. Therefore, repairing older models is not a problem, nor will it become one in the future.

Have you got a defective fixture from a different brand? We are sometimes able to repair it for you. If that’s not possible, we’ll look for a new solution together so that you’ll soon have an optimally lit padel court again.